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Pinnacle (Sentosa) Pte Ltd

Ho Bee Land Limited is a real estate company that was established in 1987. Ho Bee has been listed on the Singapore Exchange’s Mainboard since 1999 and has a global presence in Australia, China, the United Kingdom, and Europe. Since its inception, it has built a portfolio of high-quality residential, commercial, and high-tech industrial projects.

Ho Bee is widely regarded in Singapore as the pioneer developer of luxury homes in the exclusive residential enclave of Sentosa Cove. Other notable developments in Singapore include The Metropolis at One-North, the largest Grade A office development outside of the Central Business District to date, and Elementum, a cutting-edge biomedical sciences development set to be completed by the end of 2023.

The company has eight investment properties in London, including The Scalpel, Ropemaker Place, and 1 St Martin’s Le Grand.

Ho Bee is dedicated to providing high-quality homes and buildings to its stakeholders while also contributing to a sustainable built environment.

Developer Track Records

The above listed projects are some examples of the amazing track records completed by the Cape Royale Developer. For each development completed, it can be clearly seen that the end result is of high quality and each will have premium features to call its own. These features are widely accepted by the market and residents as it uniquely created to portray the development for its premium iconic look.  With their combined strong success stories locally and globally in different development, both joint venture partners are fully confident to complete the projects with high quality and residents can look forward to luxurious and well designed abodes. 

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Pinnacle (Sentosa) Ptd Ltd
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