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Site Plan

Site Plan | Cape Royale

What exactly is a site plan?
It is also known as a plot plan. it is an architectural document that serves as a readable map of a building site, providing all the information you need to know about how the structure will be oriented on the lot. A builder or contractor will draw a diagram of the plot of land and its property lines, as well as the landscape features, structural elements, setbacks, driveways, utility poles and power lines, fencing, and on-site structures.

According to Jordan Smith, even landscape elements that don’t sit right on your property may be recorded on a site plan because the site notes can contain valuable information that impacts your property. A tree on a neighbor’s property, for example, may influence how you protect the land on your lot.

Explore the intricate planning and details of the key features, facilities and facing, etc. within this amazing development. 

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